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Hey there!

I'm Amelia Winchester. Don't let the name fool you. I'm not royal or fancy.

-I am a Charlotte, NC native #unicorn

-I have been shooting photography for about 6 years. My passion started with shooting nature and landscapes. Then I shot my sisters intimate wedding in her living room on Christmas Eve and realized, this is the stuff I'm after. The intimate, fleeting moments of love and life. #sap

-I owned and operated a restaurant with my dad and sister for 10 years called Lebowski's Neighborhood Grill. #thedudeabides

-I've known my husband since 1st grade. We used to ride the bus together and go to the same summer camps. We never dated in school, but we were always friends. 10 years after high school we ran into each other at a Widespread Panic concert. (#hippies) We have a camper van named Vern that we use to escape to the mountains any chance we get.  

-I can't eat a meal without hot sauce #cholula

-I am obsessed with dogs and highly encourage you to have them be a part of your session. Even if its not your dog. #jk

-I'm a sky gazer. If you see me staring at the sky while you're talking to me, #sorrynotsorry

-I finish every meal with a little bit of dark chocolate, and if that's not available, a chip will suffice. #sweetorsalty

-My dream is to live in the mountains one day with a front porch that looks over the sunset. #manifestation