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The Dreamiest Extended Family Session // Asheville, NC

When I received the email from Mallory describing her vision for this session, I immediately fell in love with her family.

They come from different states every year to hike in the NC mountains together, and the three sisters wanted to surprise their parents with a photo session to honor the family they have built.

The inspiration and vision for the session were “fantasy/magical/ethereal feel”. They wore flower crowns, carried candle-lit lanterns (with babies on their backs), and hiked a mile up a mountain before sunrise.

We were greeted at the top of the mountain with purple and pink skies with clouds clinging to the mountaintops and cows mooing us a good morning song.

After sunrise, we were wrapped in a thick cloud that whited out the background making it even more dream-like.✨✨✨

The love in this family is palpable. They are so tight-knit and have such a beautiful energy about them. I feel so honored to have witnessed and captured these memories that will be cherished and remembered for generations.

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