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Hi, I'm Amelia!


I'm a photographer, Charlotte native, dog mom, light chaser, and hippie at heart. 

I believe that photography is a celebration of the love, life, and beauty that surrounds us.  Freezing the moments that make up the tapestry of our lives and documenting the love through my lens is the most fulfilling job I can imagine. So much so, that it hardly feels like a job, but more so a calling.


My mission as a photographer is to help you see you and your family's uniquely beautiful essence and how brightly your love shines. 

A little about me: 

-Ennegream 9 

(Peace Maker)


-My soul is happiest in the mountains.

-Most quoted movies: 

-Dumb and Dumber

-Old School

-Big Lebowski 

-Absolutely dog obsessed. Pups are always welcome to sessions! 

-I put Cholula on everything. 

-Introverted Virgo

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