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 © 2019 Amelia Winchester Photography

Moments are fleeting...

Life is ever changing. Cycles, rhythms, growing, evolving.  Milestones are often celebrated and documented, but I believe the chapters in between are worth savoring as well. One day we will look back and wonder where all the  time has gone. For me, photographs are my favorite way to walk down memory lane. They take you back to that moment, that room, that old house, that loving dog, that clinging child, that giddy love, that connection you felt, that time in your life that makes up who you are today. It's magical, really. 

Focusing my lens upon a fleeting moment of life is one of my greatest joys.  Family, love, connection, nature- the beautiful natural moments all around us.  I aim to capture the true essence of a moment, so you can look back and feel the magic again and again- to hear the laughter through the photograph, to feel the emotions and sense of glow of life emanating from the image. 

I'm not trying to be all sappy in this "About Me" section, but damnit, that's what this job does to me. It fills my heart with so much love and joy to witness and document these precious moments in someones lives. I am beyond honored. 

A little about me:

-I am a Charlotte, NC native #unicorn

-I ran a restaurant with my dad and sister for 10 years called Lebowski's Neighborhood Grill. #thedudeabides

-I've known my husband since 1st grade. We used to ride the bus together and go to the same summer camps. We never dated in school, but we were always friends. 10 years after high school we ran into each other at a Widespread Panic concert. (#hippies) The rest is history. 

-I can't eat a meal without hot sauce. 

-I am obsessed with dogs and highly encourage you to have them be a part of your session. Cats are cool too.

-I finish every meal with a little bit of dark chocolate, and if that's not available, a chip will suffice. #sweetorsalty

-My dream is to live in the mountains one day with a front porch that looks over the sunset. #manifestation